Vine and Palette 

For Restaurant Owners:
How does it work?
Vine and Palette takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom events that exceed expectations.

We look forward to partnering with local businesses in order to promote their products and/or services, thus helping them to boost their revenue.
 1.  Submit a Request via our live form (attached below) or call us at 619-985-9669

 2.  We will schedule a time to come to your venue, discuss details, and schedule a day and time for the               event.

 3.  Together we will advertise the event via social media, newsletters, flyers and word of mouth.

 4.  Guests sign up and pay through our website.

 5.  Thirty minutes before your event we come and set up protective plastics, easels, paint palettes,                     water and brushes.

 6.  Guests are welcome to order drinks/food (if applicable) before painting starts.

 7.  During "dry time", which takes place half-way through the event, guests can re-order food and beverages         (if applicable.)

 8.  At the end of the event we clean up and remove all the trash, while guests settle their bill, pack 
      up their paintings and take leave.

 9.  Schedule another event!

Hosting Marketing Open House Events and Sip n' Paint Events at your business site...
Vine and Palette is an interactive wine, food and art event that incorporates painting lessons with your establishment’s food and drink services. 

We are experienced, local art instructors with a vested interest in our community. Our goal is to provide fun and engaging painting lessons while boosting the business of local restaurants. Just pick your slowest time and let us do the rest. 

We provide the lessons and all of the materials at NO COST TO YOU 

For Marketing Open House Events:
Our goal is to promote your business by hosting an engaging, beginner-friendly painting event, that draws customers to your location.  We set up, clean up, and provide a fun, organized, professional lesson with all the materials and door prizes included.  Please contact us at 619-985-9669 to discuss details and group discount pricing.